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So, this is how you simpletons choose to celebrate Great Cthulhu? By preserving your own humanity?

Phah! I spit on all of you! Great Cthulhu is not served by maintaining what MAKES us human... but by dehumanizing ourselves! And others!

Rended flesh! Pierced and impaled orifices! Streets running red with human blood!

THAT is what serves the Almighty Great Cthulhu, not some sort of twisted VANITY!

I am disgusted, repulsed beyond all ends, by the lot of you.

But I know, I know the truth. And when the stars are right, I look forward to being ravaged by Great Cthulhu... the rest of you will be lucky to perish in the cacophony that befalls this world after He arrives!

Cthulhu fhtagn!!
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I never left the house because there wasn't much to do in Boston at the turn of the century.

What's your excuse?
Sensitive skin.

And come on. Not a lot to do? Television wasn't even invented yet. Cars were just beginning production. You could've gone outside and smelled a nice flower. Then maybe we'd have "The Collected Works of HP Lovecraft, Happy Poems about Flowers," than "Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre."