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"im only 17 but im saving myself for cthulhu too!!! he is dreamy much bteter than justin neway any justin fans here??????/ omg it would be kawaii if justin and cthulhu and i had a threesome and we were both ravaged and received his primeval spawn to the greater glory of the elder gods
it sucked when u had to electrify him in quake i cried ;_;
i think Nyarlathotep is cute 2
ne1 else her interested in tentacle hentai??? i like it because i imagine the tentacle is Our Great Master and im the girl lol"

You are an insult to Great Cthulhu. You do not deserve to worship Him, and will no doubt be among the last survivors when He arrives!

The Great Cthulhu does not wish for your pathetic human affections! He wishes to EAT! Soon the seas shall be red with the blood of the human race, as the Great Old Ones rise and devour all in their path! Ia! Shub Niggurath! Ia! Ia!

Cal is quite right. Everything he has said, I agree with. You fools will be lucky to die in the ravaged post-Cthulhu world, while he and I will be eaten among the first! Or maybe not, maybe Great Cthulhu will drag us off to R'lyeh and torture us! But we won't care, because we are gifted with TRUE insanity! No servant of the Great Cthulhu would have sexual fantasies about Him!
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